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On the day of my dad’s birthday, I succeeded at getting him to watch the show’s pilot with me. It went rather smoothly. So far we’ve only watched the first two episodes but I can’t call it another name but a full success, taking into account that my family lives a lie thinking what I watch is either crap or utter crap. With that said, I expect (re)watching further episodes with him, probably in about 2 weeks when I make it back from my hiking trip I’m leaving for the day after tomorrow. WHICH, makes me giddy as a little girl. ;)

(My life’s mission should be converting people into fans of both the show and book series. But, anyhow, what I thought would be worth mentioning are my dad’s reactions to highly controversial events the pilot did introduce us to. I'll slip them in here.. or I'll try.)

Do you remember your head tilting sidewards when Lord Eddard Stark passed a sentence on the Night Watch’s oathbreaker, the deserter? That poor lad scared out of his mind, sentenced to death because he couldn’t go back, because being terrified didn’t fit the ranks, because he was a coward. He swore though, he paid the price of breaking the promise. Whatever. I usually don’t shiver at the sight of blood in shows, nor did I then, enduring Bran’s intense gaze fixed at his father lowering his sentence sword down the said lad’s neck. “Do not look away. He’ll know”, he was wisely instructed by Jon.

My dad didn’t make a comment; he continued watching up ‘til he saw the opening credits. I told him to watch closely because they’re nothing else than a map of the whole Westeros, Summer Islands, all the way through the Narrow Sea, etc. Also, I blinked and smiled to myself seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s name listed as the THIRD when the cast’s names were showed. Let’s take a moment and appreciate this glorious discovery, shall we?.. ;)

Moving on now. Bran trying to hit an aim with his arrow and failing to Arya’s most exquisite display of talents he lacked. That was such a joyful scene through her struggles to finish her knitting she hated SO much, through Sansa’s very proper and lady-like appropriate delight in hers and further bursting into laughter as Arya did hit the aim. How I miss these Starks, these running around the castle we saw so little of, these carefree children with rebellious attitudes! They were ripped away from it, forcefully taken away from it one by one, first with leaving their birth castle, through Nymeria’s exile, Lady’s death, arriving into King’s Landing… BUT, first things first!

Robb and Jon, being all brotherly and as carefree as sixteen year olds can be up in chilly North, how I missed that! Richard Madden and Kit Harrington’s smiles are so genuine and cheerful in that scene, nailing the older brothers’ roles that mess with you but love you so much. I loved that. We no longer can take joy from anything alike.

Golden haired lady is leaning on the balcony’s sill, she must be royalty by the looks of her loose dress and beautifully done waves, she’s deeply concerned, something’s on her mind troubling her, clouding her judgment. Then comes her sibling brother, as golden haired and handsome on a face as she is. He puts it simply that she worries too much, that it’s starting to show. I don’t know what I took from that scene first time I saw it but intimacy and closeness must’ve been among my general impression, as well as the fact they were up to no good, haha. He’s much more carefree than she is in that scene, he can be defined as one of those very modern “IDGAF” types. Which I immediately found appealing because, let’s face it, Ned was so uptight! ;D

My dad then asked me who is the body being prepared to its final journey and if those two killed him. I told him to keep watching and stop asking me questions I won’t answer until there’s time for it. The infamous incestuous duo brought a spark of curiosity to the pilot and you’re FREE to deny it. I admit the Night’s Watch’s bit didn’t spark the said interest in me as much as Cersei and Jaime’s did. Not to mention, what was still to come…

Shirtless sixteen-year-olds being shaved. Does it get any better? It does get sadder. Haha. I feel that I need to come clean, though. That scene gave me mixed vibes the first time round. It might have had a lot to do with Alfie casually leaning against the pillar and creepily glancing at the other boys. He does look a bit off in that scene, not to mention he certainly is envious of the prince who they thought a womanizer, having an easy way into Southern girls’ beds. It’s funny because they obviously mean either Jaime or Joffrey, whereas the term suits neither! ;D

Robb didn’t strike me as particularly honorable, to be quite honest. He comes across as a regular lad with wet fantasies involving stripping the Queen off her clothes, much like Theon’s own, lol. Oh okay, maybe not to THAT extent but who would have thought him a king in the North back then, right? I certainly wouldn’t have. Richard’s accent and general handsomness did have an effect on me, surely, but he had come across wilder than he eventually turned out to be. Funny how the pilot’s assumptions alter from the way it ends up being like!

The arrival of the king’s entourage cracks me up from a number of reasons. First of all, Robb is clean-shaven to the level of pure ridiculousness and his hair combed to the back in a manner that reminds me a dressed-up girl. I don’t know why but it’s as if his face was covered in delicate glitter, plus: it’s so pale and stony serious. My dear boy, no need to act kingly just yet! He does smirk once though, when his little sister comes wearing an oversized helmet, WHICH brings me to my second reason --Arya being adorable, stubborn and rebellious, saying “move” to Bran as if she was ordering him around to clean the stables, lol. King Robert is hysterical with his “you’ve gotten fat” commentary and I remember liking him immediately in that scene because that was such a domestic, warm thing to say, taking into account he was addressing to an old friend and that was a joke. I loved that. Third reason is Cersei’s disgusted face when she looks down stepping out of her carriage into the mud. That was precious. Also: Jaime’s famous removal of his helmet. To that we’ll get back when discussing the parallels of this show. It’s too good to be omitted!

Ned/Robert’s scene in the crypts brings back the same warm fuzzy feeling Robert sparked in me in the arrival scene. They were friends in the past, meant to rule the kingdom together, in the name of shoulder-to-shoulder standing up for the other one. Lyanna is mentioned, Ned’s sister, murdered after being abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen, still being a dear memory Robert clings to as they were betrothed to marry. It also is one of those “TMI” moments when you struggle to take it all in and not forget a single word because it might bear a great meaning in the future. I felt sorry for Robert and didn’t sympathize with the Targaryens at that time, at all. Ultimately it really is rather simple: Robert may have been an alcoholic who whored around and dag his way to an early grave but I couldn’t help the feeling of pity. And for once I didn’t care if Rheegar’s actions were to be excused or not. I was on Robert’s side.

Whores of the world, line up, Tyrion’s on his way to warm your beds! TYRION LANNISTER, a.k.a. the only Lannister people stomach having watched the GoT’s pilot. Why is that? Haha. Don’t answer, rhetorical. The dynamics between the Lannister brothers is endearing. Jaime is purposely being an ass in that scene and that smirk made me smirk along. Ha, I know why we all fell for Tyrion as hens follow their rooster! He’s wild, drunk, carefree and seem not to lust for power. Those characteristics fit perfectly to Jaime, except for that wildness and drunkness because I haven’t seen him being either, BUT Jaime commits an unforgettable sinful thing at the end so all the glory passes on to Tyrion. Don’t get me wrong, I liked that dwarf of a Lannister in that episode and continued for many more; after all - he was smart, witty, he was cocky and rightfully so! 

Hello white haired people of house Taragryen! What sort of wicked things I must’ve seen to assume that young man who was obviously related (or a brother) to that young lady stripped naked before her bath, that they would take the said bath together? Also rhetorical. My imagination sometimes does scare me. 

She looks sad, scared and not willing, yet eventually she is compliant. Was that because of fear for waking the dragon? By then it already had lost much of its convincing power, I concluded. My dad thought them both extremely weird, not entirely because of the white hair or anything of that sort but I felt it too, the first time round. It was as if the scene was charged with insane amounts of negative energy or just oozed with sexual frustration, possibly both. Might be my mind is wicked and forever biased but it did feel that way to me.

Khal Drogo did some scaring on his own too, with his skin scarred as if it was a mosaic, gaping at Daenerys thinking her a pretty pale piece of meat to fuck, or whatever it could’ve been that crossed his barbarian mind. First time round I yelled to myself: “how can they sell a girl to that awful giant? Make them stop!”. I sympathized with Daenerys without a shade of hesitation. It felt like the easiest thing in the world to feel sorry for a girl being sold to some Barbarian on a horse who –take notes, Viserys—didn’t strike me as someone who you order to declare a war.

Sansa being gullible had me feeling sorry for her. First season she has absolutely NO idea whatsoever what it’s happening around her and who she’s siding with. She’s a girl with her high royalty dreams, excelling at knitting, being pretty as a dove and flushed when she’s being paid a compliment. It’s all a bed of roses which reveal their thorns much later. She even protests properly when Arya shoots at her with a self-made catapult scoffing, which makes Robb laugh hard and Cat tilt her head towards Robb to take the little rebel to bed. I LOVED that scene loads, BTW. :D Despite Cersei’s venom just flooding the royal table (Robert did his share of whoring around with randoms which made it excusable to be venomous, I guess so let’s cut the Queen some slack, shall we?), there was something magnetizing about her conversation with Catelyn. Then we can argue how much they differ but in that scene they’re both mothers above all.

Ser Jorah Mormont, are you a good man? That question begged for an answer. Not so much in the pilot but in next episodes it did. He was deep in his middle-age years which was a revelation to me somewhere mid-season 1 when it just hit me in the face, without a warning. For some inexplicable reason, I failed to notice that his expiration date was way closer due than Dany’s. ;D Anyhow, wasn’t the Dothraki wedding just a glorious spectacle? Dancehall-ish moves indicating a sexual intercourse, blades dripping with blood, throats slit. A Dorthraki yay! George knows how to put readers off, haha! Well, my mum didn’t think so when she walked on it passing through our living room as my dad and I were watching, lol. She jumped to her usual conclusion that what I watch is utter crap and lower on a shelf than category D. Surprisingly, one can get used to that, over years.

Let’s move to the moment that made my blood freeze in veins the first time I saw it. Not only a blond god was seen thrusting into his sister, she was submissive, she was willing. A BLOODY REVELATION, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia did NOT invent incest! Sarcasm aside, shit, I was shocked. I had no idea, I didn’t know, I wouldn’t even think of it as a possibility. The kid’s frightened to death, struggles to comprehend what he just encountered but he would tell, wouldn’t he? He’d ran to nearest person he trusted with secrets. He would. So Ser Jaime Lannister gets up, grasps him by collar, he asks him gently about his age, he even manages to calm Bran down a little bit. He turns to Cersei whose face’s flushed, embarrassed but above all shows panic. Looking at her, he yet again puts it rather simply, making it obvious he’s doing it for her, he pushes Bran out of the window, and the young Stark’s falling when the black screen attacks our shocked minds. With that twist the pilot ends and we are left wondering whether it was a dream, what THE EFF is wrong with those Lannisters, those bloody scumbugs with no respect for people’s lives, not even for a child’s, who THE EFF they think they are! Will Bran live? Will anyone know? Will he tell if he lives?

“The things I do for love” rang in my ears loudly clouding the waves of shock. I got slapped in the face hard and had no clue what to make of it. I wanted not to hate him but I did, at the time. He said those words calmly, being completely contained and at ease. One of those times when I pondered over them for long hours to my non-existent satisfaction I even came to conclusion he couldn’t have meant them if they were said so calmly. What kind of man would push a child out of a window, to said child’s almost certain death? I couldn’t grasp it. Then, much later, it occurred to me their incestuous love isn’t an abomination in their minds and if one of the duo loves the other one, it’s Jaime who loves Cersei. It took me VERY long to understand that he meant those words sincerely. Is there redemption for a man who aims to kill a child to protect his secret and his woman’s good name whereas said woman is his blood sister? I was left with that and cursed the show for asking a question there most probably is no proper answer to, nor a satisfactory one.

Enough said, for the first entry. Please flood me with every burning matter that comes to mind!

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17 June 2012 @ 12:50 am
Hi, hello, I bow to you all, my non-existing (yet but not for long?) audience! 

Book series entitled "A Song of Ice and Fire" (and HBO's original tv series "Game of Thrones") are better than all of us. 
This being the premise of this blog will confront my obviously flawed and biased judgement whose attempts "to understand" will deliriously (anyone familiar with that overwhelming feeling of not being able to control your inner rambling leaking out of your mouth/fingers when you're especially either loving or hating something? Yeah, that's why "deliriously" is very appropriate here.) be presented here, to cause some brain boiling. Mine as well as yours, I can assure you of that. ;) 
A quick explanation as to why. Plain ignorance struck, viciously attacked and bashed my head against the wall. I felt dizzy and angry and as I have notoriously tried to hold back, Twitter's word count has become a real nuisance, over time. That said, I just need a space to let the words roll as they are supposed to. 

Heads-up though, I'm opinionated and more than ready to defend the under-appreciated like a lioness. Look at my username, dear reader, what does it tell you? SHADES OF GREY. They define the characters of ASoIaF better than any other phrase I can think of. "Shades of grey" definitely trump "the noble and good-hearted" or "the evil incarnate", talking whole book-wise. An impression as if it was a fight between good and evil is hugely overrated. 
..AND, I will definitely continue this thought one of these times when my brain itches again. 

With that set, say hello or goodbye to the land of the unappreciated, unloved, popular to bash and generally infamous to which, I welcome you! Unlucky for some, this will contain spoilers and being random because I don't have any specific plan to run this by. You'll be getting warned as to what sort of spoilers you might come across in each entry so no worries there - I won't leave the inevitable future hanging for every newbie to see. 

How? Basically, whenever a burning matter demanding a discussion (or a very stimulating monologue first, expect those, yes!) surfaces (for the variety of reasons but I find YT comments GREAT at riling me up), I will just type it out here. 

P.S. Expect an update no sooner than in a week and a half. Exam session is a bitch. 
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